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New Adventures

It is Sunday morning and I have been up since 5:30 AM with a sick, yet playful baby. Perfect time to cuddle on the couch and work on this blog. It is now almost 9 AM and he is crashed on my chest and snoring like his father. If you haven’t heard Nathan, imagine a fog horn combined with a growling bear. Yesterday, my fabulous in-laws watched Mr. Aidan so I could catch up on some rest. After napping for two hours and feeling rejuvenated, I decided to do some spring cleaning. You would have thought I was nesting again. I cleaned everything from the inside of the oven, to the windowsills and baseboards. Nathan had been away all day working on a side project. He gave me a call and mentioned that he had been talking with his parents about the posts I make on social media. They all apparently get a kick out of the sleep deprived thoughts I have at 2 in the morning. Nathan suggested I should start a blog and post these funny stories and memories down, and share them with the world. Well watch out world, you are about to be bombarded by Molly Wilkerson. I am looking forward to this new blogging adventure. If you know me, you know I like to stay busy and am very social. This blog is the perfect addition to this busy, sleep deprived, yet oh so happy stay-at-home-mommy! Little Bear is starting to wake from his hibernation and Papa Bear is in the shower. Time to get this week started! Have a wonderful Sunday with your families, I know I will!



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