Aidan, Motherhood

Aidan’s Rules for a Successful day!

Always start your day with a squeal or two. That’s how you let you parents know you are up and ready to play. When your mommy tries to change your diaper and put your first set of clothes on, do a barrel roll across the floor. Make sure you have at least two blowouts before noon and spit up on mommy five to six times a day. You can’t be the only one to change clothes. When you get bored, make sure you play with anything you can get your hands on. My current favorite is an empty paper towel roll.

Other fun games include: snatching mom’s glasses off her face, using her tummy as a trampoline and trying to grab the dog’s tail when he is sleeping. Sometimes mom tricks me into taking a nap, but I recharge my batteries within thirty minutes and am ready to go. By the time mommy is ready for her lunch, I throw a huge temper tantrum. I can’t allow her to get used to eating without me in her lap.

Sometimes we watch movies before it is time to cook dinner. While dinner is in the oven, that is the perfect time for a dance party. Get up and groove people! Make sure you call your loved ones and babble at them. Throw in a scream or two to let them know how you really feel. I try and talk to my GiGi and Papa or FaceTime my Grandpa Milburn twice a week.

By the time dad gets home from work, I am in need of some man time. Plus daddy always sneaks me the good stuff. Applesauce and rice cereal for the win. Remember to treat yourself, you deserve it. The parents try to put me to bed around 7:30 so they can watch their shows without me. I guess they deserve some alone time. Plus I need to recoup from such a busy day and prepare for tomorrow. Before you go to bed, make sure you snuggle with your momma and give her lots of kisses filled with drool.

Follow my rules and you will have a fantastic day and live a happy life! Shoutout to my best friend Peanut the Elephant. I couldn’t be the baby I am today without you!



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