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Valentine’s Day 

Friends and family always ask me what Nathan and I do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every year we have the same tradition. We either cook a meal together or order in, and watch a movie. This year was extra special, because we celebrated with our baby boy. 

Due to Valentine’s landing on a weekday this year, we celebrated this past weekend. Nathan ordered and picked up dinner and we chose the movie Moana. New favorite Disney movie! This movie is all about the celebration of family and finding your roots. It also happens to have a strong, female role model. Nathan was the one to suggest the movie and he did an excellent job. Aidan loved watching and listening to the music. He danced and giggled as he watched. 

As much as I enjoy going out to dinner or to the movies, a night in with my two guys was the best gift I received this Valentine’s Day. For me, this day isn’t about candy and flowers. (Don’t get me wrong, never in my life have I turned down a box of candy or two). Does my husband know me well or does he know me well???

 This day is about celebrating the love of those who show you they care about you on a daily basis. I hope you all had a memorable day. Remember to cherish and love one another each day of the year! Most importantly, hurry to Walmart tomorrow, because Valentine’s candy is 50% off!!!



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