Aidan, Motherhood

Ten Reasons Why…

I love being a mom. Plain and simple! It is the greatest role God could ever have given me. Though there are many reasons I love it, I have chosen ten to share with you. 

One: I have someone to cuddle with when ever I want.

Two: My job description includes playing and reading everyday!
Three: I can make jokes and funny faces and know I will always get a laugh out of my son.

Four: I get to hear my son giggle and see him smile every day.
Five: Making memories with my son and experiencing all his firsts. 

Six: Always having a best friend. 
Seven: Being given the responsibility to raise a compassionate, hardworking and loving human being. 

Eight: Knowing that Aidan is made up of both Nathan and I. We created a beautiful, sweet and loving little boy. 
Nine: I have a reading buddy!

Ten: I get to fall in love over and over again, whenever I look at him!
Though motherhood can be challenging, I could never ask for a better gift than to watch this little human being grow up and explore the world. I pray he will always come to me when he needs advice and knows he will never be loved more, than by his mommy and daddy. I hope this list makes you smile and remember why you are passionate about being a parent! Go give your child a hug. Even if they are an 18 year old red head, that likes to sleep and only come out of their room for food!

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