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A Lad and his Lab

All throughout my pregnancy with Aidan, our dog Storm could sense changes were about to occur. It was like he knew I had a “puppy” of my own inside of me. If I sat on the floor, he would nuzzle my belly. Whenever I was dealing with morning sickness, my little buddy was laying right by the toilet till I was done. I had a feeling that when our son arrived, my best friend would become his. The moment we brought Aidan home from the hospital, he was greeted by his new 75 pound best friend. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous introducing them. I was worried Storm would be jealous of Aidan or heaven forbid, use him as a chew toy. Thankfully these worries did not come true. Everywhere Aidan and I went in the house, Storm would follow. If Aidan would cry, Storm would let me know that his buddy was upset. Whenever he has been outside for a while, the first person he will seek out is Aidan. He even lays outside Aidan’s door at night, like his own guard dog. I love the bond they have already formed. Added bonus, I always know when Aidan has a dirty diaper, because Storm will sniff his butt and bark at me. It is like having my own dirty diaper alarm clock. I know as they both grow older and Aidan learns the responsibility of having a dog, their relationship will grow stronger and have much more meaning. For now, I enjoy watching the love between my two babies and knowing Aidan will always have a best friend by his side. 

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