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Pregnancy Survival Kit

I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy, and let me tell you I am definitely counting down the weeks till Mr. Finley arrives. While I feel very blessed God has given me another chance at motherhood; pregnancy and Molly Wilkerson do not mesh well! From the all day morning sickness both first and second trimester, to the daily aches and pains as my body grows, I am ready for baby boy to be here! Looking back these past (long) 31 weeks, I realized I would not have survived my pregnancy, without ten essential things. Here is my list of must haves to get through pregnancy!

1) Preggie Pop Drops! A friend sent me these in the mail during my pregnancy with Aidan. They were a life saver. For some reason, my babies make me super sick during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. I am talking all day nausea and vomiting. These pops allowed me some relief. You can buy them in bulk on

2) My second go to during pregnancy is Burt’s Bees Mama Bees Belly Butter. I absolutely adore the smell and the shea cocoa butter. It helps prevent stretch marks and soften your skin. I use this every morning after I shower. Buy a tub off Amazon as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The expense is worth it and your skin will never feel so soft again!

3) Since this is my third pregnancy, it is natural for my body to start dealing with aches and pains sooner than the first go around. I invested in the Babo Care Maternity Belly Band around 20 weeks, when my lower back and pelvic area started to ache. Lifting a twenty-five pound toddler doesn’t help! This band, along with daily yoga and stretching has brought me relief. I bought it on Amazon for around $20. (Can you tell I love Amazon) My OBGYN recommended buying this and I love it!

4) We all deal with cravings during pregnancy. Mine started when I got over my aversions to food and could actually keep more than a saltine down. Naturally, my cravings are for sweets. I have craved cookie cake, donuts and jelly beans during this pregnancy. While these are not healthy snacks, I allow myself to satisfy the craving every once in a while. I definitely do not believe in the “eating for two” statement and would like to avoid putting on 50 extra pounds. My go to healthier stash of snacks has been, fresh grapes, vanilla wafers and fruit smoothies. Definitely keep a snack on hand that satisfies your craving.

5) Another essential for surviving pregnancy is a nice selection of yoga pants or maternity leggings. I am lucky enough to be a SAHM, so these have become my everyday ware. When nothing fits and regular pants aren’t comfortable anymore, buy yourself some stretchy pants! My favorite maternity leggings are the Secret Fit leggings from Motherhood Maternity. While they are pricey, they are well worth it in the long run. They are comfortable and are made of great material. You definitely want to be comfortable during your pregnancy! Shout out to Dad and Debby for starting my addiction.

6) Every woman has heard the complaint from their baby doctor, “you aren’t drinking enough water!” I am not someone who can just keep chugging water. To satisfy my doctor and keep baby healthy, I will do it, but with a little help. A few weeks ago I bought the Fit and Active Water Enhancer from Aldi’s. Ever since I started adding it to my water, I noticed I was drinking more. It is zero calories and comes in different flavors. My toddler even likes it!

7) Like I said earlier, pregnancy comes with lots of aches and pains. I use Calgon Lavender and Vanilla Epsom Salt for a relaxing bath, after a long day of chasing a rambunctious little boy. You can find different scents and types at Walmart. I prefer lavender, because it helps me to fall asleep easier. Epsom salt is a great way to relax sore muscles. Now that I am in my third trimester, I take a lot more nightly baths using these salts. Tip: Have your phone nearby to play music or in my case, call your husband from the living room to help you out of the tub!

8) Speaking of husbands, put them to work. With all the back pain I have been fighting, I have needed a nightly back massage. Nathan has been great about massaging my back when I am really hurting. Put on your favorite show and have your man massage those achey muscles. Just be prepared for a little complaining when he has been massaging for more than ten minutes!

9) Pillows, pillows and more pillows are a must have during your second and third trimester. When you start getting that big old belly and it is hard to get comfortable, it helps to be surrounded by pillows. I currently sleep with five. Two pillows under my head, one between my knees and a pillow for my back and stomach. I have friends who have bought those huge pregnancy pillows to sleep with, but I am rather picky when it comes to pillows. I like a certain firmness for different placements. That’s why I end up with five pillows every night. The more pillows the happier the momma! (Never heard that saying? Well I just made it up. But it’s the truth!)

10) My last and the most important essential to surviving pregnancy is support. Pregnancy is a long journey with lots of ups and downs. Whether it is your first time carrying a baby or your fifth, it is not the easiest 9-10 months of your life. I know I would not be able to get through those long months and even after baby is born without the support and love from my family and friends. Just last week my wonderful in-laws took my son for the day so I could catch up on sleep and get over a nasty cold.

My dad and step-mom are always just a FaceTime call away to offer advice, send love and make me laugh.

Two of my girlfriends Kayli and Jessie are always sending me texts asking how I am feeling and how my appointments went. Finally, my rock and the biggest support is Nathan. He has been a comfort to me despite my raging hormones and complaints. (I have really low pain tolerance.) He takes care of our family despite his exhaustion from working two jobs. Without this amazing support group, I don’t know how I would handle bringing another child into this world. If you choose one item to survive pregnancy, let it be a great support group. They will always be there to help and shower you with love and kindness.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope you find comfort during your pregnancy. It is an amazing and life changing journey, despite the aches, pains and weight gain!

Love and blessings,



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  1. Molly, that was a wonderful shout out to all who love and support you. Great ideas for pregnant women and old guys with stretch marks. You are loved! Grandpa and Mimi

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