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Feeding the Soul

Do you ever feel as if your well is completely drained or has a slow leak? That you haven’t had a moment to yourself? For me, my life revolves around my husband and kids. Though I do not regret it for a second, I do become mentally and emotionally drained if I haven’t found some time for myself. That time to “feed my soul,” if you will. No matter if you have children or not, everyone needs some time to refill their well. Even if it is only thirty minutes a day, I try to take some time to do something I enjoy. As a mother of a toddler and a newborn, these thirty minutes usually occur after both boys are in bed. Despite being physically exhausted, I know if I don’t do something to make myself happy everyday, I will struggle emotionally and mentally. It isn’t healthy being physically, emotionally and mentally drained, especially for someone who already suffers from depression and anxiety. While I can’t help the physical exhaustion ( it comes with the territory of having kids), I can do something about the mental and emotional exhaustion.

Some of the ways I “feed my soul,” are by:

1) Making lists while taking a bath (might sound strange, but it relaxes me)

2) Reading a book on my e-reader (it might take me two weeks to start and finish one, but I love getting lost in a book)

3) Drawing in my sketch pad or working on decorations for Aidan’s upcoming birthday

4) Blogging (Obviously)

And lastly

5) Yoga or going on a nightly walk

These five interests allow me to not only have a moment to myself, but de-stress from the drain of motherhood. For a while I felt empty, because I wasn’t taking time for myself. A good friend of mine reminded me, that if you do not take care of oneself, you will start to struggle with the relationships that truly matter to you. She was absolutely right. After a few weeks of feeling emotionally and mentally drained, I made more of an effort to take that precious time for myself. Both my husband and I have noticed, that I am much happier and less anxious when I “feed my soul.” I urge everyone to take at least thirty minutes a day to care for your mental and emotional state. Pick up a new hobby or go sit in a quiet room with a book. Find some way to refill your well. You deserve it!

Love and blessings,



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