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Tie Dye With The Tyke 

As summer draws near, Aidan is in need of some new play clothes. My child is growing like a weed! I decided to buy some cheap, white onesies I wouldn’t mind him getting dirty or torn up. I bought a three pack from Walmart for $6.79. 

Rather than leaving them a boring white color, I found a recipe on Pinterest to make my own tie dye. Since these outfits would be worn by the little man, he of course had to help dye them. In fact, we made it a family affair. First I took all three onesies and soaked them for thirty minutes in a bowl of 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar. 

After they finished soaking, I wrung them out and twisted them into different designs and tied them with twine. I didn’t have any rubber bands so I used what I had on hand. I then took a muffin tin and filled it with water. Using food coloring I picked up for $2 at Walmart, I placed five drops of each color in the tin cups and mixed with a spoon. I mixed red and yellow to get an orange dye and blue and red to make a purple dye. 

I also covered my counter in a trash bag to prevent stains. After the colors were mixed it was time to start tie dying. We let Aidan go first. We tried to get him to dip the onesie in the colors, but he ended up throwing it at them instead. For the parts he wasn’t able to dip himself, we had him point to the color he wanted us to use and I dipped it for him. 

Nathan and I each designed a onesie as well. This was the first time Nathan has ever tie dyed anything. It was a fun experience to share with both my guys. After all the onesies were dyed, we placed them in ziplock bags. 

We let them sit overnight and then I washed them in cold water with 1/2 cup of salt. The salt is suppose to help the dye to set. After rinsing them under cold water and ringing them out, I let them air dry. I plan on washing them in the washing machine separately on cold, before Aidan wears them. Unfortunately after rinsing them, all the blues and greens washed out of the onesies. Now Aidan has three different style red onesies. With every new activity I try, there is always trial and error. Next time I will have to attempt something different, so some of the colors don’t rinse out. 

This activity was cheap and fun to do. By using food coloring I was able to let Aidan mess with the dye, without worrying about him swallowing anything dangerous. I absolutely love doing fun activities with my family. It not only creates lasting memories, but allows us to spend time together. Plus, Aidan now has three new outfits! If you try out this activity, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I would love to see pictures of your designs. 

Happy crafting, 


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Happy Little Easter Egg

If you were anything like me growing up, you aspired to be Bob Ross. If you do not know who Bob Ross is, you never watched PBS as a child. Therefore, you had a sad childhood. As a little girl, I always loved drawing, painting and crafting. Now that I am a mom, I am trying to introduce this love of art to my son. While he is only 7 months old and does not understand what he is doing, we have fun spending time together. One of my favorite activities to do with Aidan, is to put a piece of paper in a ziplock bag with paint and let him play with it. 

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun for Aidan to design his own Easter egg. First I cut out an egg shape and then I placed it in the ziplock bag with different color paint drops. 

I just used whatever paint I had on hand. I did not allow Aidan to touch the paint directly and never left him alone with it. After making sure it was sealed tight, I placed it on the floor and let Aidan play with it. 

Aidan played with the bag for about ten minutes. He kept throwing it in the air and even tried to get our dog Storm to participate. As soon as the dog came over to investigate, Aidan was done painting and wanted to play with his puppy. 

I pulled the painting out of the bag carefully, so it would not smear. I placed some silver stars in Aidan’s hand and let him drop them on the wet egg. 

While the paint was still wet, I used some old ribbon to make a bow and we put it at the top of the egg. It is currently drying on the counter and ready to hang on the fridge. 

I love finding fun, little activities I can do with my son. It allows him to explore and work on his motor skills, while making memories with his mommy. I hope as he gets older, he enjoys art as much as I do! What are some of your favorite activities and art projects you do with your kids? Feel free to comment. I could always use some new ideas!