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A Letter to My Boys

Aidan and Finley,

The moment you both entered into our world, were two of the best days of our lives. Holding you for the first time, changed me in ways you will never understand. You make me so incredibly happy to be your momma. It has scared me bringing you into a world that seems filled with such cruelty and destruction. I look around and I am afraid of all the what ifs that could happen as you grow up. As a mother, all I ever want for you is a life filled with happiness, health and love. I pray you find the good in this world and you help spread the compassion and love I have seen in you since day one. My boys, you are the greatest treasures I could have ever found. When I look at your smiling faces, I know your daddy and I won the jackpot having you both as our sons. I never expected I would be a “boy mom,” but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Each day is a new adventure with my little explorers. Not only do we discover fun things to do together, but I learn more and more about each of you. Aidan you have such an amazing personality. You make me laugh everyday. You are also as ornery as your father and both grandpas. Finley, your smiles and laugh can light up a room. When you see your big brother coming, you beam with delight. I can already tell, that you both will bring happiness to all those around you. Your bond as brothers has been inseparable since the beginning and I truly believe you will grow to be best friends. Though you are still young, your daddy and I already know you will both do great things in this world. My boys, you are the reason for life itself. You have made me realize my destiny has always been to be a mother. Your mother! God has given your daddy and I the greatest gifts. I write this letter, so that on the bad days we can remember that each day is a fresh start. I also want to remind you both and myself, that to see the good in this world, we have to be the good. That means to show kindness to everyone, even those who have hurt you in the past. Always forgive those who have hurt you. Most times, it is unintentional and that person hasn’t been shown any kindness. Also, forgive yourselves for the mistakes you make. We are all human and have to have grace with ourselves. Remember, to always do your best in all areas of life. Working hard will only bring about positivity and blessings in your lives. Respect and honesty are important in all relationships. Make sure you show it and receive it. Finally, God and family should always come first. They are the ones who will always be there for you. The love and support you will find is endless. Your dad and I pray that you remember these lessons through your walk of life. It will not always be an easy road. You will face struggles, no matter what paths you take. We will always be here to support you and give you advice. I will never turn down a hug or a snuggle session on the couch. As you grow older, our love for you both only grows stronger. Never doubt the love we have for you. My boys, I truly cannot wait to see the men you become. I know you will both lead remarkable lives and I am so proud of you both! Your mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back!

Love momma

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Life Changes

To say my life has changed these past six weeks is an understatement. I have had to relearn how to care for a newborn, while chasing after a rambunctious toddler. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, add in Nathan starting his new job as a principal. While Nathan works a nine hour day, my day consists of about 20 diaper changes, 10-15 toddler tantrums, 8-12 feedings and lots of snuggles between the two boys. I have never felt so exhausted, yet so happy in my life. While this season has been filled with lots of changes and we have had to quickly adapt to them, our family continues to be blessed. In the span of one month our lives got a whole lot crazier.

We all seem to be handling the changes differently. Nathan as always, handles anything thrown his way with ease and grace. He is such a wonderful father to our boys and has been a big help to me around the house, despite working a new job. Aidan is 100% toddler. He goes from being extremely affectionate to his little brother, to wanting anything Finley is using. Aidan is definitely having to learn how to share toys and mommy and daddy’s attention. While it hasn’t been any easy adjustment for him, he is an amazing big brother to Finn and absolutely adores helping his “bubba.”

Out of everyone, I think I have had the hardest time adjusting to all the changes in our little family. Since I am a stay at home mom, I am with the boys 24/7. It has not been easy trying to balance raising a toddler and a newborn, while trying to keep the house running. I have had to change the expectations I have always set for myself. Rather than keeping an immaculate home and having a gourmet meal on the table, my focus is making lasting memories with my boys. I have also had to learn to be more patient with Aidan, as he adjusts to these changes as well. Each day has its own personal challenges, but I know God would not have given me anything I couldn’t handle.

While these changes haven’t been easy, they have been full of adventure and joy. Our family has truly been blessed these past six weeks. I am one lucky woman to have three such wonderful guys in my life. I cannot wait for Nathan and I to watch our two little boys grow up and see all the other changes God has planned for us!

Love and blessings,