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Aidan’s Apps 

As a stay at home mom, my entire day revolves around my son. We stay pretty busy between nursing, reading, playing and running errands. I have found a handful of life saving apps I use throughout my day with Aidan. As this blog is about motherhood, I thought it would be fun to share the ones that have come in handy for me. 

The Medela App has been my best friend from the day Aidan was born. It allows you to track how long you breast feed, pumping sessions, diaper changes and how long your little one sleeps. You are also able to input your child’s weight and height every thirty days. I love being able to track how long Aidan eats and sleeps. It also makes it handy when his pediatrician has questions about his routine. I definitely recommend using this app if you are breastfeeding. Especially, if you have forgotten which breast your baby has fed off last. It might seem silly, but this app has given me confidence in continuing my breastfeeding journey.

The Wonder Weeks app was recommended by a good friend of mine. It is definitely worth the $1.99 on the App Store. This app provides all the information and guidance you need as your child goes through different developmental leaps. Whether it is a mental or a physical leap, based on your due date this app tracks when your baby will go through it. Each leap is detailed and allows you to understand what your baby is going through and how to handle their fussy periods. You can even set a leap alarm to notify you when your baby is about to start their next leap. If you haven’t heard about the wonder weeks, check it out! Life saver!!!

The next two apps are very similar to one another. They are Kinedu and BabySparks. These apps provide you with different activities you can do with your baby, based on their age. These activities help them reach their monthly milestones and are also a great bonding experience between baby and parent. A lot of the activities they describe are usually done without any materials but you and baby. All of the activities have descriptions, material lists and videos to provide you with an example of what you are suppose to do. I love all the different ideas these apps give you. They have come in handy as Aidan continues to grow and meet new milestones. I might enjoy the activities more than he does! 

When you have a fussy baby and you are also trying to be supermom, you have the Pandora and Pinterest apps. My son loves listening to music. He listens to it when he sleeps, while I cook and when we play. Music seems to calm him down and it also allows me to have background noise going throughout the day. Pinterest is amazing when you need recipes for baby food, crafts for your kids and ideas when your child will not sleep at 2 in the morning. These two apps are definitely favorites of mine and are used on a daily basis.

If you are a rookie or even a veteran parent, I suggest you check out one or all of these apps. They have all been very useful to me as a first time mom and I definitely recommend downloading them! 

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Clean House vs. Creating Memories: How I Attempt Both

Some days it feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. This includes keeping a clean house, playing with my son and having dinner ready for my husband when he gets home from work. I have always been a clean freak and a perfectionist. Ask my roommates in college, if my bed wasn’t neatly made for the day, the world was ending. I have learned as a new mom, that I can’t do it all in one day. Before Aidan, I would spend the entire day cleaning the house. These days, I am lucky if I remember to brush my teeth. The first two months after Aidan was born, my second house was the couch. Nothing was accomplished. After Aidan and I finally got into a routine revolved around his nursing and sleeping schedule, I figured out how to keep my sanity and a semi clean house. Each day I try to do one or two chores. Usually these chores take no longer than 30-45 minutes, which happens to be the length of time my child likes to nap. (Cat naps are the new four hour snooze apparently). My weekly cleaning, laundry and errand schedule goes like this: Sunday night after the lad is in bed, I scrub the kitchen, including all the appliances. I also sweep the entryway and kitchen floor. Monday, I wash/dry and fold all the towels from the past week. Tuesday is library day for Aidan and I. We pick up about 12-15 children’s books to read throughout the week. I also throw in a load of clothes during his morning nap. It usually gets folded after he has gone to bed that night. Wednesday’s are usually used to wash Aidan’s laundry and make baby food for the month. Thursday’s are my busiest day. I try to vacuum, dust, and clean all the glass in the house. On Friday I clean both bathrooms and once or twice a month make a Walmart run. Our weekends are always unpredictable. Most Saturdays we are out at the farm, but when we are home I use Saturday for grocery shopping. I use a list I have made of meal plans and get enough groceries to last us the next two weeks. Saturday is a great time for me to get groceries, because Nathan can watch Aidan and I don’t have to baby wear while carrying 20 plus pounds of groceries. By breaking up my chores and errands throughout the week, I don’t have to worry about trying to get it all done in one day. While I enjoy being organized and having a clean house, my life ultimately revolves around my little boy. I don’t want him to grow up remembering mom cleaning all the time and not spending time with him. I would rather watch my son grow into a sweet young boy and make lasting memories with him, than have a house that is sparkling clean. That’s why I do my chores while he sleeps and spend the rest of the day focused on him. My husband and I have a running joke. You are allowed to have two of five things: sleep, clean house, exercise time, time with your child and time with your spouse. Obviously we choose the last two. (Though the thought of sleep is so tempting!) There are days when nothing gets accomplished except dinner on the table. Those days are the best, because it means Aidan and I have had an amazing day of reading, playing and learning. I am not writing this post so you think I am a supermom. I am far from it! I want you all to remember to enjoy your time with your kids. Laundry will get folded and floors will get cleaned eventually. Our time with our children is so precious and from experience it is flying by. As I write this, Little Bear is waking up from his morning nap! Time to go play and make memories. 



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Kitchen Creations: Baby Food Edition

As most of you know, I love to cook. I am always trying new recipes I have found on Pinterest or making them up as I go. Now that my son is eating solids, I decided it was time to start making my own baby food. Let me tell you, it is a whole lot easier than I expected and so much cheaper. While it is time consuming, I was able to make enough baby food to last a month. All with the help of my handy dandy food processor I received for Christmas. Thanks Dad and Debby! 

First I took a bag of carrots and boiled them for half an hour and put a bag of frozen green beans in a separate pot to boil for ten minutes. When they were done, I cut up the carrots into small pieces and poured about a cup of the water they were boiled in, into the processor. I hit the high then low button for about 1 minute and then the pulse button for about 45 seconds. Making sure it was a nice purée I poured the carrots into a clean ice cube tray. I then did the same with the green beans. 

I had some left over puréed green beans and carrots, so those went into little Tupperware containers. I then placed them in the freezer for four hours uncovered. When they were nice and hard, I popped them out and separated them into plastic baggies based on the vegetable. I also made sure to write the date They were made, because they are only good up to three months in the freezer. 

Aidan tried carrots for the first time that night. Let me tell you it was an experience I will never forget. (Neither will the washing machine). After the first bite came up from his gagging, I mixed some unsweetened apple sauce with the carrots and he ate the entire thing. 

I absolutely love that I am able to save money by making Aidan’s baby food. It also makes me feel accomplished having it in bulk. (Rocky music playing in background). Aidan has currently been eating mommy’s homemade baby food the past three nights and has been sleeping like a champ. (At least the first half of the night). While making the baby food was extremely easy, my favorite part was watching my son experience a different food for the first time. Bath time was also a lot of fun! He literally had carrots coming out of his ears. 

If you are interested in some baby food recipes shoot me an email at I would love to share with you some of the tips I have learned from others and through experience. Happy Blending!!!