Marriage and Motherhood

When you are in Kindergarten the most common question asked is, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was always a wife and a mother. Now don’t get me wrong, growing up to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or even the first woman President are all excellent choices. Five year old Molly Milburn wanted to be a mommy. Even in college when I decided to study education and obtain a certificate as a teacher, I had another dream. Every night since I can remember, I prayed to God and asked him to place the right man in my life. My requirements included: someone with a sense of humor, centered in Christ, kind, loving and hardworking. I am one of the lucky few who had my prayer answered early on. I have been with my soul mate going on seven years and we have two healthy and happy boys. I would say I have obtained my dream of becoming a wife and mommy. Now that I am living my dream, I can’t stop there. Every day I do my best to better myself as a wife and mother. There is always room for improvement! Through this blog, I plan on sharing the ups and downs of my marriage and motherhood so far. Much like the branches, roots and leaves of a tree, I continue to grow and change for the better!


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