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Lessons I Have Learned Taking Care of a Sick Baby:

1) You will most likely become sick yourself. 

2) You will be covered in puke and poop at least once a day. 

3) Pedialite is the devil. It also looks best in mommy’s hair. 

4) Mommy’s face and thighs are meant to be used as Kleenex.

5) Naps will only occur in mommy and daddy’s bed. 

6) More loads of laundry are done in two days than you have done in your lifetime. 

7) Your son will use this time to learn to crawl. He will then crawl away whenever it is time to take his medicine. 

8) PBS Kids is a life saver. You will have the theme song to Cat in the Hat memorized by episode 2. 

9) Your house will go uncleaned and you don’t particularly care. You realize a clean house is overrated. You start naming the dust bunnies. 

10) Dinners consist of cream of wheat or cold cereal. The husband complains, you and the baby cough in his direction. 

11) Sick baby cuddles are the best, except when you are puked on. Refer to #2

12) NyQuil is a mom’s best friend. (For me, not the baby. Do not call child protective services please!)

13) Everything must be sanitized…Everything. Better yet, burn the house down and start fresh. 

14) You will count down the days until your house no longer needs to be quarantined. T-minus two days till removal of face masks! 


15) You will blame this and every sickness you and your child catches on your husband, who works in the school system! Dang those nasty kids!

The past few days have been rough. There have been lots of sleepless nights and tears. (Mostly Aidan’s tears). It is never fun when your child is sick and there isn’t much you can do. It is even harder when you are sick as well, and cannot give everyone your 100%. Being a mom definitely puts things into perspective. Even though I can’t call in sick and stay in bed all day, I have a little one who is relying on me to make everything better. I will always do my best to make him feel better, even if I am feeling pretty lousy myself. To all those parents covered in bodily fluids and fighting a fever of 101 degrees, you are not alone! 
Healthy wishes, 

Molly and Aidan

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Celebration Cookies

In my family, whenever someone has accomplished something big, we always celebrate with a dessert. And you can’t have a celebration without sprinkles! I decided to try a recipe I found online, to celebrate Nathan’s completion of his masters. He has been working for over two years on his Administration degree and is finally done. Nathan presented to the head of his college today and they were so impressed, they asked to use his portfolio as an example for the future. My husband has been working two jobs, going to school, all while being an amazing husband and father. We could not be any prouder of his hard work and determination. These cookies are for you babe! Of course I plan on eating at least half of them. We love you and cannot wait to see what your future holds!


Sprinkle Cookies by

Ingredients: 1 box of yellow cake mix, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, 2 eggs and a jar of sprinkles 3 oz


1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

 2) Combine all ingredients except sprinkles in a bowl. Mix with a spoon until blended. 

3) Pour sprinkles in separate bowl. Roll dough into small balls and roll through sprinkles. 

 4) Place on cookie sheet. And press down with the palm of hand. Put in for 7-8 minutes. Let sit on cookie sheet for a few minutes before you move to wire rack.      

5) Enjoy with some milk!

Even if you have no reason to celebrate, try out these cookies!                                                

Bon App├ętit,


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Lions, Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

One of the best parts of growing up in St. Louis, is visiting the zoo. This past weekend, I was able to share in my son’s first experience at the world famous St. Louis Zoo. Aidan loves looking at pictures of animals in books, but getting to see them in person was a whole new experience. It was a perfect day to visit the zoo as a family. My dad and his wife Debby were able to join us, which is always an added bonus. Aidan loves spending time with his Grandpa and MiMi. 

Our first stop was the reptile house, which is my least favorite exhibit. Aidan was in awe of the big snakes and the turtles. Nathan held Bubba and I snapped pictures. I wasn’t going to get any closer to the snakes than I had to. 

We then went to the primate house, where Aidan decided he would take his afternoon nap. While Aidan slept, the rest of us were entertained by the leaping lemurs. He woke up just as we reached the giraffes, my favorite animal. 

We couldn’t get him to stay still for pictures, he kept wanting to get closer to the animals. After chasing Debby’s flyaway hat, we moved onto the sea lions. 

This was the first time I had seen the new sea lion enclosure. If you haven’t been to the St. Louis Zoo and visited the sea lions, you need to drop everything you are doing and go! It is such a wonderful experience. The sea lions swim right up to the glass and try to play with you. When you walk under the tunnel they swim and splash over you. This had to be Aidan’s favorite part of his visit. He pressed his face against the glass and was trying to pet them, like they were his dog. His expressions made my day. He had the biggest smile on his face. His smiles and giggles kept getting bigger as we finished our visit by looking at the hippos, elephants and gorillas. 

To see such wonderment in your child’s eyes, makes your heart happy. We had an absolutely wonderful day with family, and enjoyed every minute of our visit to the zoo. I am definitely looking forward to when he is a little older and can start to recognize and name the animals. Our little man is getting so big and loves to learn and explore. Creating lasting memories is so important to Nathan and I. This weekend was such a joy for me as a mom. Not only did we introduce Aidan to a favorite place of mine, we were able to spend it with those we love. Nathan and I cherish every moment we have with our Bubba. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! We sure did!

Lots of love and blessings,


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Aidan’s Birth Story

Early on, Nathan and I suspected I wouldn’t reach my due date of September 22nd, 2016. About two weeks before I went into labor with Aidan, I felt a lot of pelvic pressure and could tell he had dropped into position. A few days before Aidan made his appearance, I went to my weekly specialist’s appointment and found out I was already 3 cm dilated and 45% effaced. He made it clear I was not to do any traveling, because Aidan would arrive any day. Unfortunately this meant I had to miss my big sister’s wedding that Saturday. I ended up having really bad back labor the morning of September 4th and started contracting that night. Nathan and I waited until the contractions were about five minutes apart and drove the 50 minutes to the hospital. My biggest fear was going into labor and not having my epidural. God Bless women who do natural birth, I don’t do well with pain. We reached the hospital around 2:30 am and made our way up to labor and delivery. The nurse checked me and told me I was still 3 cm dilated, but was now 75% effaced. They were worried I was just having contractions due to dehydration. The nurse made me drink close to 100 ounces of water and walk the halls for an hour. If I were to dilate more, they would not send me home. After an hour they checked me again and I was at 3 & 1/2 cm. The nurses decided to hook me up to fluids and monitor me for another hour. Another hour passed and I was another cm dilated. Around 7 am we talked to the on call doctor and I was admitted into a delivery room. After calling all of our family members and letting them know Aidan would make his appearance on Labor Day (the irony), I was hooked up to an IV and received my epidural! (Yay!!!) Nathan and I spent the next few hours trying to rest, but the lady next door did not let that happen. She apparently decided to opt out of an epidural and we heard every agonizing moment. We couldn’t help but laugh when she screamed, “it’s stuck!” Around 10 am, I found out the doctor on call was my OBGYN. It was her first day back from her maternity leave. I felt so relieved to have my own doctor deliver Aidan. She had been with me from the start of this pregnancy, along with our specialist doctor and knew about our past loss. Our families made it to the hospital around 1 pm and at 2:00 they were asked to leave the room so I could start to push. The great thing about an epidural, if done right, you feel absolutely nothing. I had no idea when my water broke or when it was time to deliver, until my doctor checked me and said I was 10 cm and Aidan was coming. I was extremely blessed with an easy and pain free delivery. After five minutes of pushing, Bubba was born. 

Unfortunately, he entered into the world in a very dramatic way. Aidan’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he was not making any noise and struggling to breathe. He was placed on my chest long enough for his cord to be cut and then taken to the other side of the room. NICU nurses rushed in to spray oxygen in his face to get him to breathe. Nathan was over with the nurses checking on Aidan, while my nurses and doctor were taking care of me. Those 15 minutes felt like hours. We were so scared something was wrong. Finally, Aidan began to breathe normally and was returned to my arms. 

He never did scream or cry like other babies usually do. Holding our baby boy for the first time, was the most amazing feeling. I could not stop crying as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. September 5th, 2016 is thus far the happiest day of our lives. Nathan and I are so blessed to have this sweet and loving little boy as our son. I could not ask for a better role, than mommy. Pregnancy after loss is never easy. It is filled with a constant fear, but when you are able to hold your healthy and precious baby in your arms, it makes those anxiety filled days worth it. Aidan is now 7 months old and I cannot believe how time has flown. Everyday with this little boy is a miracle. I cherish every smile, laugh and milestone he reaches. As much as I wish time would stand still, I cannot wait to see the man he grows up to become. Remember Aidan Quinn, “I’ll eat you up, I love you so!”

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Happy Little Easter Egg

If you were anything like me growing up, you aspired to be Bob Ross. If you do not know who Bob Ross is, you never watched PBS as a child. Therefore, you had a sad childhood. As a little girl, I always loved drawing, painting and crafting. Now that I am a mom, I am trying to introduce this love of art to my son. While he is only 7 months old and does not understand what he is doing, we have fun spending time together. One of my favorite activities to do with Aidan, is to put a piece of paper in a ziplock bag with paint and let him play with it. 

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun for Aidan to design his own Easter egg. First I cut out an egg shape and then I placed it in the ziplock bag with different color paint drops. 

I just used whatever paint I had on hand. I did not allow Aidan to touch the paint directly and never left him alone with it. After making sure it was sealed tight, I placed it on the floor and let Aidan play with it. 

Aidan played with the bag for about ten minutes. He kept throwing it in the air and even tried to get our dog Storm to participate. As soon as the dog came over to investigate, Aidan was done painting and wanted to play with his puppy. 

I pulled the painting out of the bag carefully, so it would not smear. I placed some silver stars in Aidan’s hand and let him drop them on the wet egg. 

While the paint was still wet, I used some old ribbon to make a bow and we put it at the top of the egg. It is currently drying on the counter and ready to hang on the fridge. 

I love finding fun, little activities I can do with my son. It allows him to explore and work on his motor skills, while making memories with his mommy. I hope as he gets older, he enjoys art as much as I do! What are some of your favorite activities and art projects you do with your kids? Feel free to comment. I could always use some new ideas!